From Peel to Clean


TriStar makes extensive use of the high quality raw material D-Limonene. Peelpioneers developed an unique process to extract that raw material out of waste, namely orange peels. TriStar subsequently formulated a very effective floor cleaner, based on this high quality circular raw material. We are very proud to introduce this product to you.

Peelpioneers developed an unique process to extract the high quality raw material D-Limonene out of waste, namely orange peels. TriStar commits to a maximum re-use of products and raw materials and a minimum of destruction of value and environmental impact. The extraction of D-Limonene out of waste perfectly fits this vision. TriStar will also coordinate the complete distribution in the Netherlands of D-Limonene provided by Peelpioneers.

It is no coincidence that both companies found each other. Peelpioneers is a young and innovative organization, active in the field of circular processing of citrus peels. They absolutely share the sustainability vision of TriStar.

We look forward to a pleasant and especially fruitful cooperation.


TriStar O-Range products


The TriStar O-Range floor cleaner is a concentrated cleaning product for scrubber machines. Partly thanks to the addition of the D-Limonene extracted out of orange peels, the product is extremely effective, and easily removes persistent pollution.


The all purpose cleaner and the floor cleaner are two of the many TriStar Products based on the circular D-Limonene.


Circulaire oplossing voor citrusschillen

PeelPioneers is the “sustainable peel farmer of the 21st century”. This company developed a circular solution for orange peels remaining after the production of fresh orange juice.

In the Netherlands alone 250 million peels remain, especially orange peels. PeelPioneers extracts the present components out of the peels, to use them as raw materials for new products.

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